Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crap Stupid Diaper Genie

I kinda feel like a stupid fool. So does Mr. Larsen. The stinky diapers have become way too stinky for my all too sensitive smeller and gag reflex. We finally caved into the Diaper Genie. We were pretty excited to put it to good use and went home to install the bags... to no avail. Why can't I figure this out? Is there a secret mommy trick to installing these stupid bags that I can't think of? We tied our knot, put in the can of bags, dropped in the diaper, closed the lid and twisted. Nothing, no twist, no disappearance of diaper, zilch. Please I am begging for help, and no we do not have the instructions. And what in the world is the scissor button on top for? Really if you have any idea please leave me a comment or call me. My smeller thanks you!
It has been a long time since the last blog. Sorry. This past week has been a rough one. I became SO dang sick on Monday night with the stomach flu. (Thank heavens it wasn't my amazing meatloaf that I made, I would be devastated!) I am now just starting to feel semi-human again. Holy Smokes, sicker than sick. I don't think I have EVER been that sick with the flu, water wouldn't even stay in me. Why the pity fest you ask? (This might be an overshare for some of you, but like the above problem, I am willing to take any suggestions!) Because I couldn't even keep liquid down my milk supply is about nada. Poor Mack, I am all about milking for awhile longer and hope that I can be the supple dairy maid I once was. Please share!
Other then s being sicker that a dog. Or life is great! Mr. L drove to Boise to see his beloved Aggies play, and got some Manly Man time with Papa Larsen and Brad.
Mack is doing so wonderful, he is a great kid! Above is one of our favorite pictures of him. He smiles and giggles a lot and is trying to figure out how to talk.
Master T-Dog is also doing well but has been ordered back into the kennel. Since Mack came along we have been letting him sleep in our room on a pillow. One morning I woke up to the sound of running water. Toby was marking around our bed in a perfect square. Really, it was so perfect, it seemed a little ritualistic. I halfway expected to see incense or something burning in the corners. That kind of behavior makes you earn kennel duty.
As for DWTS, I am all about Melissa. She is cute and she can dance and she is from that stupid show that I am ashamed to admit that I watch. Thank heavens Cheryl got a new haircut and yes I still want to beat up Derek!