Thursday, July 22, 2010

Favorite Things, Segment 2

So Big E and I had a huge row last night. (Well, we actually didn't, but I have been reading Brit Chick Lit while stuck in bed and this is my latest word to incorporate into my vocab.) I kinda forgot about Fav Things until I saw this draft that I wrote quite awhile ago... so here are some more.
Best Place to Buy Yankee Candles: TJ Maxx, I really love Yankee Candles, really I do. But I am not willing to fork out $27.99 for them. TJ Maxx has full size jars for just $9.99. They don't have a huge selection, but most of the time they are the seasonal flavors.
Best Fries: I am not a huge French Fry Gal, but I really like Red Robins fries and Smash Burgers rosemary and olive oil fries.
Favorite Date: Well, one of the many, but it's seasonal so look into doing it soon. Deer Valley Concert Series. I usually see the Broadway one, and it is fantastic. You can bring chairs and a picnic and watch the concert. SO much fun!
Window Shopping: Home Again is one of my favorite places to browse and get ideas on furniture and decorating. However, go to the one in Midvale and not Sugarhouse, the selection is much better.
Favorite Recently Read Book: Mullberry Park. Charming, happy and all around feel good book. So anybody have any other good books for me? I NEED IDEAS. Oh and I need happy ones, no sad, murderous nightmare inducing ones.
Favorite Maternity Jeans: Buying jeans is like delving into the 7th Circle of you know where to me. Since I am kinda still keeping my bed company, I sent Momma J out to buy me some Maternity clothes. She came back with jeans and I laughed and thought "No Way." Tried them on and kazaam! They fit! Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit, STRETCHY denim. Awesome. They feel like Jammies. I think I might wear mine not pregs.
Favorite Onion Rings: The Philadelphian. I am shocked that the County Health Department hasn't closed this place down yet. When you go in, make sure not to look at anything: ceiling, floor, tables, cooking stove, anything. Order your onion rings and promptly leave before you barf. It's really that bad, but the rings are really that good.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Favorite Things, Segment 1

So I have decided to list a few of my favorite things, mostly because I love when other people do this and give me ideas. So here goes Segment One:

Cleaning Product: Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. Amazing. Seriously this little rectangle will last forever and works on everything. I loved using it on my flat wall paint and moldings.
Frozen Yogurt Joint: This has been debatable for quite awhile, but I am ultimately going with the Yogurt Stop. Here is why: I like the feel of it, I love the little boy who doesn't balk at seeing me three times a week, and the Red Velvet flavor is to die for.
TV Shows I could watch over and over: Of course Glee is on the list, but I am forever grateful that my brother James made me watch Arrested Development. Love it. Hysterically funny. "There is always money in the banana stand!" Frasier, Cheers and MASH as well.
Vacuum: Dyson, you can't go wrong. I know it is expensive, but it is an investment. It is so satisfying to empty that canister out, and plus Big E. look super hot vacuuming with his shirt off.
Book: A Girl Named Zippy. If you read it and don't like it, don't tell me... I might cry.
Mascara: I am a MAC girl, born and raised. My Mom took me to the MAC counter when I first started wearing makeup to have a professional teach me how to put it on, (mostly so I wouldn't look like a hooker). BUT, MAC's mascara makes my eyes water. I love Covergirl's Lash Blast Volume.
Root Lifter: Gotta go with Paul Mitchel's Extra Body Daily Boost. I did use Big and Sexy's Root Pump, but it made my hair stiff. My hair is so thick and heavy that it is weighed down, Daily Boost is essential for me.
Best "Deal" website: I have gotten so many things for free or amazingly cheap from this website. Check it out:, I guarantee you will get hooked.
Diapers: No, not for me, for The Mr.. I really liked Pampers Swaddlers when he was a newborn. Not because it had a pee line that changed colors when he was wet, I could figure that out on my own. But I liked how soft they were. Now that The Mr. is chowing down real people food, we go for durability and blow out protection. Huggies all the way.

Okay, there you have it, segment one. Hopefully you got some ideas, and I totally think you should do this on your blog, all three of you!