Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tool Bench

So I always have every intention to blog every night, but wow, it obviously doesn't happen. So in my last post I mentioned my addiction to Pintrest, I love it. Well, my nephew Tj's birthday was coming up and I saw this great idea for a tool bench. It was actually really easy, cheap and turned out super cute. I bought the TV cart at the DI for five bucks, and most of the rest of the stuff I just had. Here is the before and after:
We went up to Silver Lake recently with Eric's Mom and Dad. I love that place, it is awesome for the kids and has great memories of dating Big E. We used to take a blanket to the dock at night to "star gaze". We liked to "star gaze" a lot.
I have been decking out the house in Halloween, it's awesome. Hopefully I will get some pics up soon. Big E has been super busy ripping out bushes and trees... the yard is finally starting to look somewhat decent. The Mr. is awesome, seriously I love that little boy. He is just so much fun, I think the two year old crap is starting to wear off. Cakes is as darling as ever! She recently got her first tooth. At her 6 month check she was 30th for height, 25th for weight and 50th for head. Wow I am sleepy... think I am off to go "star gazing" :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

- Um how hot and ripped is Big E? (see Flaming Gorge pics) Pretty hunky me thinks. - My time as of late, has been taken up by Pintrest. I am in love and addicted....more so than Facebook or blogging. - Thank heavens my gig as Primary Chorister is up, out of every calling I have ever had, it for sure was the hardest, with the most prep. - I found Mack last week with the power drill, drilling the wood on the deck. What the crap? The kid is two and a half. he is super smart, sometimes I worry too smart. But then I remember the poor kid still can't get his colors right. Everything still is green. - I went back to the dark side: Proactive. Yup, my off-again-on-again romance with it has begun. Bless my amazingly finicky skin. - I love fall and can't wait for Halloween. I am not sure when I decided to totally dig Halloween but I do. - Making new friends is hard, but I am getting better. That is all