Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas was awesome, absolutely delightful and magical. I love the excitement and surprise that The Mr. had this year. The only thing that kid has wanted for months has been a Mack truck from Cars. I kept on trying to emphasize that it was Jesus' Birthday. Mack has seen everyone else have a Birthday but him, all of his cousins, mom and dad, and Bump and Mango. He has been desperately awaiting his, I told him it was after Jesus' Birthday. Then he insisted that I call him Jesus. Interesting. I finally came to the conclusion that he thought if his name was Jesus it would be his Birthday. I love that kid.

Big E way surprised me this year with a sewing machine. This earns him a lot of bonus points. In fact, this week we have been painting and redoing the Craft Room in which said sewing machine will be stored. I can't wait to have all of my stuff organized and in one spot. I am a lucky gal.

Growing up, I always wanted to open jammies on Christmas Eve, and vowed that I would do it with my family. I usually buy myself a nice warm pajama set, but this year I went for a nightgown. A full-on ankle/wrist nightgown. I love it. Big E despises it. Utterly hates it. When I told him I bought it and was so excited to wear it all the time, I am pretty sure he thought that I met "a nighty", like his type of nightgown with very little functional material (or material at all). Wow that was one disappointed hombre on Christmas Eve. Before you feel sorry for the man realize this: A) the nightgown is actually quite slimming. B) I do wear his type of nightgowns whenever the situation calls for it. I have children for crying out loud. I can trapeze around the house in that. C) He refuses to let me buy a Christmas sweater. I f I can't have a sweater, by crap, I will have a nightgown.

Speaking of Big E, we had an awful, horrible conversation today. He thinks we should trade in my beautiful Pilot for a mini van. What the holy flippin' crap? Seriously? I thought that we had agreed on this: I would never drive a van. I know there are those of you out there who drive one and love it. Good for you, I am sincerely happy for you. It's not for me. I clearly should have put this clause in the pre-nup along with my tummy tuck and breast lift after the last baby comes. I will keep you posted on this issue, as it is of the utmost importance. Seriously it is.

Cakes is nine months old, where has the time gone? She is darling, sweet and peaceful. Her nine month check is tomorrow and I am expecting to her that she probably is a little small. I am also going to ask about her freakish flexibility, not quite sure if she has hip joints.

Christmas pics coming soon!