Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Happenings

So for the three of you out in the blogging world that actually read the good ol' Larsen Living blog, I thought I would give you an update of our busy summer.

First things first, how adorably tough does Mr. M look in his do-rag, bink, and sunglasses? He surprisingly will leave the sunglasses and the do-rag on for hours, but try to put a hat on the kid- and you know what breaks loose. I have a friend who made me promise not to blog too much about the Mr. M, because it is apparently a very annoying "mom thing" to do. So if you agree, skip the next paragraph.

He is fantastic and still as sweet as they come. He is a rolling maniac and is mastering the whole sitting up by himself thing. He still doesn't have any teeth and I am crossing my fingers that they will come all at once! These are what I call the "grandparent stats", the message being that only grandparents really care to hear about the percentile thing, but here it goes:
Height: 90%
Weight: 20 %
Head: 50%

The summer has been full of family, weddings and breakouts. We hung with my fam for the 4th and had a smashing time at a canyon breakfast, BBQ, park and fireworks. Eric has this thing about watching "big" fireworks with a lot of people, so he talked my fam into going to our secret watching place for the Murray Park fireworks. It was great and worth it, but for all of you Idaho spuds, it wasn't close to the MELALUCA FREEDOM FESTIVAL (picture Eric saying that with spirit fingers.)

Last week we headed up to Alturas Lake for the Larsen Family reunion. Holy smokes there are TONS of Larsens! We had a great time, and special thanks to Mom and Dad Larsen for organizing the whole shabang!I was happy to be the covert caffeine provider. (And no lectures from the peanut gallery, I just taught an awful Word of Wisdom lesson and don't need anymore shenanigans!) The drive was SO long but Mack did a great job, and we actually didn't even have a meltdown. Well we kinda did but it was more from me. I hate driving at night. BORING! Nothing to look at, and having to stay awake to make sure Mr. L stays awake. Then one night I felt something crawling on me. Yuck! Cannot handle that one and I may have had a mini- to extra large meltdown. Whatever. It was a great time though and SO pretty. I must admit I have darling nieces and nephews on both sides.

Earlier in the summer, I did what I never swore I would do. I stopped using proactive. I know what, was I thinking? This is the same girl that would volunteer to do infomercials (speaking of that, so sad Billy Mayes died and our late night love affairs are no longer.) Eric works at a company that has pretty high end facial regimes and gets them for practically free. So trying to save money, (I know I am great.) I switched over and canceled my Proactive Membership. Bad news. I am totally convinced that Proactive has an ingredient in it, that when you stop it, you break out like wildfire! No kidding I had a pimple for six weeks that I named because it was so big, like its own zip code big.

I am pretty sure that the Larsen Household has the Brine Flu. I figure we live by the Great Salt Lake, and are in more contact with that great lake air than pigs. So instead of swine we have brine. And no we don't actually have the swine flu (By the way, what is with these crackhead parents that are holding swine flu parties, for the love people!) Eric is a sinus/mucus factory, I have it in my lungs, fully expecting to hack up said lung any day now. And the Man, bless his heart, his nose is like a faucet. (Bad combo with a mom who gags VERY easily.) So wish us luck with the brine flu!

I love Mack's Bumbo, but am I the only parent whose child barfs right after getting out?