Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Crafting Nirvana: Craft Room on a Budget

Okay, so I have fantasized about having my own space for crafting for years. I however didn't ever think that I would get it right now. I thought maybe ten or so years down the road when we needed a bigger house I would maybe get it, heavy emphasis on the maybe. So when we were looking for houses, it wasn't a priority at all. Hot dog, this house had one! Well, it is the laundry room too, but hey I can share. I had been holding on to things for years, hoping that one day they would come in handy, and lo and behold they did. If I can remember where I got something and how much it is, I will put it in. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house! Crafting is so much more enjoyable and takes far less time now that I know where everything is. Here is the tour:

So this is the only before picture I have, it doesn't quite do the crapiness of the room justice. This is the laundry closet.

The big black piece of furniture was originally part of a three piece hutch. I took the middle and my Mom took the two sides for her craft room. It was given to us by friend so it was free! The shelves were built by Papa Jones, notice the bottom one waiting for a sewing machine. The wall color is one of my favorites, Stone Lion from Kwal Howells, a gallon was $30. The hutch thing was originally cream, so I just painted it with Kwal's Black Liquid Vinyl, I think that the gallon was also around $30. The cute pink bucket, was $6 at Reams, I think they still have them
I love, love, love the inside of the hutch. I looked everywhere for cute containers, like I looked for at least six months. I finally found these at IKEA. The pink ones are actually planters, and they were $2.99 each. The galvanized tins were only $.79. These were the only cute affordable containers I could find, and who doesn't like pink! Each container holds a different thing: glitter, scissors, paint, markers, letters and all my other crafting crap.

The pink planters are just a little bit larger and they were $3.99 at IKEA. I love the big galvanized buckets, they were the priciest at $5.99. They are so big, I love them! One holds ribbon, the other one holds vinyl and the last one holds paint. Papa Jones also made this shelf.

Oh my beloved paper holders! I was stumped on how to store paper. I had seen plenty of racks and holders but I wasn't willing to fork out the money for them. Most of you that read the blog, know that I am addicted to finding cheap things on the KSL classifieds. Well, one day under the free section I saw these. Pure awesomeness,  I love them. My dad also put in the counter top for me. Papa Jones gave me his labor and the shelves and counter tops for my Birthday, but I think that the slab of Formica was only $40.  Seriously the Craft Room would not be without Dad and Big E.

The desk is awesome, it has the one layer you see, and then a layer right underneath it the rolls out on wheels. With the room being kinda small, it is nice to roll in the desk and save space. I bought the desk from a Hilton downtown four years ago that was redecorating. I think it was $40, honestly people, KSL classifieds rocks. The lamp is from IKEA, and it was $4.99. I pulled the cute Crafting Subway art off of Pinterest (sorry I don't have a better picture) and I made the white coffee filter topiary and used one of the IKEA containers for it. My awesome cousin Kennedy made the cute duct tape pen, she also rocks.

This is the widow well, I wanted a space to have projects in progress and this was it! The baskets came from Reams as well and I think they were only $2.99 each. I bought the hurricane from Michaels in the Clearance for $4.99. The balls inside the Hurricane were originally in an ugly wire wreath that I bought in the Clearance section of Hancock Fabrics for $2.50.

So there it is, beautiful isn't it. I know that I am pretty dang lucky to have a Craft Room and I love it. Like I said it has been a work in progress. I still need to cut vinyl for the walls and put up some framed pictures that Mack painted for inspiration! I am really thankful for Big E for knowing how much I wanted my own space and giving it freely away. Happy Crafting!