Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I May Have Mentioned

So, in past posts, I may have mentioned that I used to be somewhat of a shopper, or maybe a compulsive-non-thinking-have-to-have-it-now shopper. I am not sure how I got this way, but as I think back it might have been the fact that I lived with my awesome rent-free parents and had golden jobs that paid me too well. Maybe.
Anyway, I loved to shop, I shopped anytime I could get a chance. I went on fantastically fun vacations with the best girls ever, and when we got there I shopped. But I like to think that I have grown up and even matured a little. (Nothing helps you to fiscally mature like marrying an ACCOUNTANT. Yup, someone knew what he was doing when he put Big E and I together.) And seriously, aside from the accountant husband forcing me to change my ways, I am quite proud of myself. I am pretty dang financially responsible. I shop ads, I love bargains, thrifting and KSLing. I think that I have one piece of furniture that is not used. (Used mattress? I think not.)
I am good. I am really good. I manage to find great used things and change them into my own. I no longer compulsive shop. I no longer shop to make myself happy, well maybe sometimes. I am a rockstar..... Except for one tiny little thing. My little girl's nursery. Forget that she isn't even conceived or that I might not even have a little girl (now that would be blasphemy!). I can't stop buying things for her nursery. Big E is aware of this, I am not quite sure he knows exactly how much has been purchased... but he is aware. BUT, in my defense it has all been fantastically priced things. So that brings me to my story. I found little girl the most wonderful CLEAN hot pink 5 x 7 rug at the DI. It was darling and went along with her nursery so well. I found it last night. I didn't buy it. Honestly for $10 why didn't I snatch it right up? It helps that I was with Momma J and she talked me out of it. Even though in my heart of shopping hearts, I knew I should buy it I didn't. I didn't sleep at all last night. I just visualized the hot pink rug with the white crib and dresser and how smashing it would look. I went back first thing this morning. Some old bat stole my baby girl's rug!