Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I was a mean Mom today, it was awful. Poor Mack, pretty sure it was one of my most mean-mommy-ornery days ever. The man is really a sweetheart and actually put up with me. He cried when I left for an appointment and I was shocked that he still liked me. That's how ornery I was today.
I have mentioned this before, but honestly with just Mack I felt like I was playing house. He was such an easy baby, and it was just he and I cruising the local Costco aisles. Don't get me wrong, Miss Kate is a really good baby too... but now there are TWO kids. Now breast feeding isn't relaxing and quiet, it is now an anxiety-ridden half and hour wondering what medium the Man is painting the walls with.
I do love it though, I am having fun and it still sometimes surprising that I have two kiddos and drive a SUV. I need to play more, I want to be a fun Momma (just like Momma J). I need to not be so worried about a clean house and just have fun with the Man.
Things are going well with the house, still doing work on it, but it is oh so much fun.
I think I have finally convinced Big E to dress up as Tom Selleck for Halloween! Awesomeness, go Magnum P.I..
Totally and completely random, but I am so glad I didn't marry the boy I thought I was in love with when I was 20!
Birthday week starts in a couple of week, go 24! 23 was sure a good year for me!