Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

V-Day was FANTASTIC for the Larsen Fam! Eric and I both agreed that it was by far the best V-Day we have ever had. We didn't even do anything that great, but it was so much fun. We cleaned the house, (I know NOT fun, but totally necessary) and then dropped Mr. Mack off at Grandpa and Grandma's house. We went to an earlier diner, and then went to see the movie "New in Town". Great show, fantastic, funny, we both loved it. See we really didn't do anything out of the ordinary or grand but it was so great to be together and laugh. I sure do love Mr. Larsen!
Mack is doing so well! He is starting to smile, and I thankfully am not gagging nearly as much while cleaning the diapers. He still is an extremely good baby who is very laid back. It has been really nice getting back into public life and going out and being with friends. Mack is a beautiful kid and hopefully I will start being a good Mom and getting pictures up.
ONCE AGAIN, THERE IS STILL NO TOM SELLICK ON DANCING WITH THE STARS! I am perturbed and I don't think that I will be watching good ol' Dancing very much. Speaking of reality TV, aren't we shocked that Tatianna and Norman made it through on American Idol? For the Love!

Coming to Terms with 45 Minute Muffin Tops

So this girl in my ward warned me that after pregnancy my body would never be the same. I think I knew at the time she was right, but denial was my coping device. She was right. My poor body has morphed into something unrecognizable..... I have a muffin top! (For those of you who are lucky enough not to have one, or perhaps don't know, it is the extra flesh/fat that sits right above your jeans.) No matter how my weight has fluctuated or what size I have been, I always have had a delightful hour glass figure. Kiss that goodbye. I always used to say that I was an hour glass with maybe an extra 5-7 minutes extra worth of sand on the bottom. After pregnancy, I have not only graduated to the muffin top, but now the booty has a full extra 15 minutes on the bottom. Oh well, I know that it is going to be hard to get this crap off, but it must be done! AHH! So in the meantime, because it is not going to happen overnight I am trying to come to terms with it, and possibly find some "pros" in the whole situation:
1. With the extra "padding" maybe it will be easier to prop Mr. Mack up on a hip. (No not Mr. Mac the suit guy, I am NOT that big.)
Well, one is about how far I have gotten but I am sure I can think of more. Here is to hoping!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February.... Already?

Oh wow, today is one of those days. It is two o'clock and here I sit in my bathrobe with a house to be cleaned, laundry to be folded and dinner to be made. I just can't get the umph to get going. However, I am showered with the hair and makeup done. Poor Eric will come home to Mack and I in our jammies and Chicken Voila for dinner.
Where did January go, and why am I such a blogging slacker? So here it goes, a mini summary of January.
Mack is doing extremely well. He is darling and so good! We feel incredibly lucky to have him. He is eating well and gaining weight. His little cheeks are getting chubby. He has just discovered his voice. When he starts crying and then gets mad, his volume triples he scares himself silly.
I feel like a dairy cow. I milk a lot and he isn't the fastest eater, he is improving though. Other than nursing all of the time, I feel great!
Eric and I celebrated our two week anniversary on January 27. It was fantastic, we dropped Mack of at my parents and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (I know, not the most romantic, but fun and yummy). We then rented a movie (P.S. I Love You) and watched it in bed. It was fun to be out together and it was fun to pick up Mack and Toby at Grandma and Grandpas!
In GREAT, EXCITING, and WONDERFUL news, my sister-in-law Suzy is pregnant! It was a shocker to all of us, and oh so exciting! With Joni (Larsen sis-in-law) having Jake almost exactly a year before Mack, and Lisa (Larsen sis-in-law) due in May, and then Suzy, Mack will have so many cousins his age to play with!
I cut my hair. I know what you are thinking, she caved into the mom-low-maintenance thing. This is NOT true, truthfully and honestly I looked frumpy... really frumpy. It was a ponytail everyday. I needed a change. So I cut five inches off, and got an A-line. I like it a lot. It is easier, especially because it doesn't take a stinkin' half an hour to blow dry! I also decided to go to the MAC counter, get some new colors and shape my eyebrows. My wardrobe is still limited, both Mack and I are between sizes.
With the start of January, comes some of my favorite entertainment. One of them being a stupid reality show on Mondays that I am ashamed to even admit that I watch. Last week I was watching and actually caught myself rolling my eyes. But I can't stop. I am hooked and pathetic. To make matters worse, I missed last night so after I post this dear blog, I will sit here in my robe and watch it online. Once again hooked and pathetic!

Two Week Pictures

Mack had his two week pictures taken and they turned out pretty well. Of course when you have such a darling baby, how could they not?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Garlic Burgers and Rock Band

I decided it might not hurt if I (this is Eric) actually jumped on here and jotted something down. Periodically Annie reminds me that it is "our" blog and I'm more than welcome to contribute. So I decided to let you all in on a little secret. Garlic burgers and a guy who burps a bit too often can make for a bad combination. Allow me to elaborate:

We went out to dinner Saturday night with Annie's aunt and uncle to a place called Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta - having been there all of one time now I can say that it's excellent. Incidentally it was the first time Mack has been out to dinner with us and he was great. Not much for conversation, didn't show much interest in anything on the menu, and he seemed a bit comatose at times; but all-in-all we were glad he came along. Anywho, I had the Garlic Burger with Monteray (sp?) Jack cheese and 'shrooms. WOW. Possibly the best burger I've ever had. Although I've heard good stuff about the burgers at the Cotton Bottom, but that's another story for another time (Chris and Annie, if you're reading this I hope you're once again in tears with laughter at the thought of me and my wife trying that place out).

The side note is it was also also quite possibly the worst breathe I've ever had. And apparently it wasn't appreciated when I grabbed a soda later that night to help stay awake - something about carbination and the worry about me burping up a storm and spreading garlicly joy to the entire neighborhood. Ah well. We also played some mean rounds of Rock Band. I'm hooked. Did I mention I scored 100% a couple of times? That's right. If my career in International Tax doesn't work out I can always fall back on video game kareoke contests.

Long story short, I absolutely love my wife and son, and work is pretty fun too. We're doing well and I hope the same can be said of you (who reads this thing anyway?).

Save a tree, eat a beaver