Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pictures of the Chick Magnet... No not Eric

In a few of these pictures The Mr. looks completely like Brad and Lisa's son Ty, and in a few of them he looks like Rob and Merisa's Big Boy Carson. The Mr. is as darling as ever and still so happy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Forget Kris Allen and Shawn Johnson... Glee anyone?

We loved Glee. It was fantastically funny, creative and will become somewhat addicting. We are still watching it over on TIVO and still laughing. Loved it! Sang "Don't Stop Believing" and "On my Own" all day. Really it was so great that I forgot all about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. You must watch it!


That was Simba's dad's name on the Lion King right? He bites the big one and then Simba learns all about the Circle of Life, right? Mack and I had to have that conversation yesterday, it was devastating. Every year we get a massive birds nest in our garage, and every year we have tons of little baby chicks. Mack and I were going to the car and spotted one of the birds, one of the baby birds. It was on its back, wings out feet propped up with rigor mortis (or so I thought). I quickly shielded Mack's eyes. So sad, I hate when animals die. So it was on the concrete right in the middle of our garage. Thinking that it would probably be best if I moved it, I got a sheet of cardboard and put it to the ground ready to scoot it over to the side. It twitched. Crap it wasn't dead yet. It was suffering, I couldn't handle it. Should I leave him there, or should I end his misery. My tummy is way too weak to end it misery, but it was in so much pain. I summoned my inner farm girl (I didn't know I had one either) and thought that maybe if I left it where it was and ran it over with the Pilot that would be best. I saw Lassie, I knew it would be tough, but this way I actually didn't have to see the bird die. (And no I have never actually seen the end of Lassie, but I have been told.) We got in the car and I talked myself into it, only to bail at the last minute. I couldn't do it. Mack and drove off and I told him about Simba and Mufasa and then sang the Circle Of Life.
I also flushed my cell phone down the toilet yesterday. Yup. Apparently if you put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days there is some chance that it can be revived. So, e-mail me or call Mr. L if you need to get a hold of me!