Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Can't believe it has been a month (or longer) since we have posted. I have had blogitis what can I say? In a nut shell, here are the Larsen going ons.

Check out the newest member of the fam. Suzy and James welcomed TJ into their family last month. He is six weeks old and a DARLING baby. And might I mention he is pretty dang lucky to have such rockin' parents!

Speaking of new members, Christie, Eric's sister is engaged to be married in December. Arturo is a great guy, I can't wait to have someone else in the Larsen clan that likes to sleep in. Morning is SO not the time for singing :)

The move was successful. We feel very lucky to be in the position that we are in right now. My parents have been INCREDIBLY generous and the arrangement is working out well. We are getting really sick of the "Aren't you so sick of living with your in-laws?" and the "How is it REALLY going?" and the finale "You know you really need your own space" questions. Seriously. It is working out very well. We feel so lucky to have sold the condo, and to have a place to stay while we house shop. Plus, my parents are the bomb-diggity so how could we be miserable?

The man is as darling as ever. He is perfecting his army crawl, almost crawling on his knees. Man that kid is as cute as ever. He has two bottom teeth and is cutting more. I feel so bad for him but he is holding up SO well. Query and suggestion: Why is it called "cutting teeth" and not "cutting mom's nipple"? Just a thought.

Sorry this was a quick one, but look for more posts soon!