Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gold, Frankincense... and Gold

So Big E and I pretty much love Christmas. Really there is nothing better than being married to someone who loves something just as much as you do. (Oh how I wish the Utes were one of those things.) Anyway, a couple of nights ago, we were telling Mack the Christmas story. Here are some of our favorite, totally inaccurate parts.

-So Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to pay their taxes. See the funny thing is that the Bethlehem Treasury System, is very different then the United States Treasury System. To pay my taxes every April 15th, I would have to travel to Idaho.
-Joseph got Mary all ready to go. He packed her bags and got her comfortable on the CAMEL, that was taking them to Bethlehem.
-We they got to Bethlehem, there was no room in the inn. The only place Joseph could find for Mary was a BARN.
-The wiseman saw the star and wanted to come worship the Baby Jesus. They brought him gifts of gold, and frankincense.... and MORE GOLD.

I think we need to take Christmas 101 again.
Here is an odd story for you: We had a lovely Thanksgiving up in Idaho with the Larsen side of the family. It was great food, family and fun. But both Mack and I came home to a HORRIBLE cold. Gross. I weened Mack about three weeks ago, like cold turkey weened. No more milk. The moment he burns up with a fever, guess what happens. Milk. Yup, started randomly. Fully lactating again. WHAT?