Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmm....

Strange week here at the L household. Not necessarily bad, just odd....

SO we go out with some weirdo agent to look at homes this week. We saw an awesome bankruptcy and needed someone to show it to us as soon as possible. (We pretty much knew it wouldn't last long. Great house, Great Neighborhood). Well, it didn't last long at all, but onto the weirdness. So we actually saw two houses, the first one was the vacant bankruptcy, and the second was still occupied by homeowners. At the second home, we go into the Master Bedroom and Mr. McCreepo Real Estate Agent actually started opening dresser drawers. Um... excuse me? AND, when he noticed that the dressers were still full, he kept looking. Weird, creepy, total boundary steeper.

Second oddity: I lost my Chuck-A-Rama V card. It's true, I have never been until last night. It's perfect food for the Mr.: Pizza, cottage cheese, fries and raspberry lemonade. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. Way too many people though, and not the best idea to go while prego. I can't stand seeing genres of food mixed on a plate. Who eats lasagna, a taco, fried chicken and deep fried scones on one plate? That's right, Big E.

Not so much odd, but different. Sporting blackish/purplish nail polish. BFF M tells me I look emu, Big E says it's kind of hot. I think I will go with Big E on this one.

Here is my final weird, Glee. Let is be known that we have been followers from the VERY beginning. We saw the pilot when it was originally aired. Loved the music and laughed hysterically for the first half of the first season. Started to not love the second half as much, but we still enjoyed it. This season is really pushing it for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't think of myself as a prude (maybe I am just getting old, I mean how many years have I been 23 now?) but honestly what was the point of Santana and Brittany getting it on? Way disappointed. Come on Glee, let's get back to great story lines and music. I can feel myself drifting. I knew when I was looking forward to Parenthood more than Glee last week, that Glee would have to get much better and stop pushing the envelope for me. Now last time I blogged about something totally trendy and something that people are somewhat obsessed with (Twilight), I received the most comments on the blog. Might be interesting to see the response is this time (of my five readers ).

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's a........

ITS' A GIRL, IT'S A GIRL, IT'S A GIRL!Oh my flippity flippers! We are so excited to have a baby girl! Bring out the bows, flowers, clothes, ruffles, pink, purple, and brain squeezing headbands!
I love her already. She is VERY active, so much more then Mack. I already feel like she is quite the little survivor. I started bleeding at 5 weeks and went in for blood draws to see if the pregnancy hormones were rising, and they weren't. We were told to go home and prepare for a miscarriage. Thankfully, that never happened. The back was at it's worse from about 8-12 weeks, then we were told that abortion was always an option. What? Really? We were not comfortable at all with this Dr. and quickly found THE BEST Dr. in the world. Seriously, Dr. Porter is the best. How thankful I am for such a great man that also happens to be a great Dr..
I am so excited to be her Momma, for Big E to have a little girl and for Mack to have a new baby. I have already started dreaming about her. She totally rocks. I do love being pregnant, but March can't come fast enough, we want to meet her already!