Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lately I have had completely random thoughts pop into my head:
1. Ophthalmologists need to chew gum, suck on a breath mint, whatever needs be....all of the time.
2. Crap, I am so getting old. Said Ophthalmologist was a baby, how did people younger than me become my doctor?
3. I am so footballed out, really I am so great at watching it with Big E all season. But I really don't like watching the NFL, I am sick of it. So sick of it, that as payback I made Big E watch a totally trashy reality show with me. I am awesome.
4. Is it totally stupid that I am worried about being lonely when we move out? It is great having someone around all of the time. I get lonely pretty dang easily.
5. So excited for our own house again. Can't wait. But I am totally sick of house hunting, all of this viewing, offering and crap is getting way old.
6. For some reason, since I got pregnant I stink at Rock Band. What happened to me? Big E and I thought we were so clever when we named our band "The House Hunterz". I thought this was hysterical, and then I realized again I was getting old. Just cause you add a "z" on the end, doesn't make it edgy.
7. The Mr. is the light of our lives. Wow, we are lucky to have him. He is starting to sing and I love it!
8. I want something really good and divine to eat, I just don't know what it is.
9. I blog stalk way too much. Heck, I blog stalk people that I didn't even necessarily like or know in High School. Please tell me this is normal.
10. THIS IS BIG: The Mr. went twosies in the potty yesterday! Awesome isn't it? I really feel strongly about not pressuring kids to the potty, but the man has shown an intense interest. My mom and I are going to write a book about our potty training theory. It all starts with preventing the nose picking and eating. Seriously, we are going to make millions!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Um, so this is why I never should make blogging goals, I get WAY too overwhelmed and then WAY too burned out. Thus, leading to a two month blogging dread.
We had a fantastic holiday season, pics may or may not come later. The Mr. was amazingly darling and I was able to surprise Big E with a gift. We spent time with lots of family and friends, it was perfect.
The house hunt is going well. Well, I actually hate it but we have made some offers and are continuing to look. I am so grateful that we got out of the condo when we did, pretty sure that we would have been stuck there for a long time. The goal is to have said house by the time Baby Girl arrives.
Baby Girl is glorious, moving constantly and accumulating lots of pink stuff. It has been super fun planning a nursery again, even if there isn't an actual room yet. In bummer news the whole preeclampsia thing is back and in full force. Blah. But at least I get to see her in ultrasounds every week. I am so excited for her! In a total weird happening, I woke up with a droopy eyelid last week. It hasn't gotten worse and it hasn't gotten better. The body does such nut job things while pregnant. I am a little self-conscious about it, but what do you do? We joke that it is my sultry and slutty eye. Hopefully, after pregnancy more answers will come and it will just disappear! Eight more weeks!
The Mr. is showing a lot of interest in the toilet, this has shocked me. He is all about sitting on it and flushing. He finally is talking a lot more too. he is so fetching handsome. At his last checkup he finally got his weight up to the 50 percentile. His height is still steady at 95.
Big E is amazing, it's true. Just being around him makes me happy. I can't believe as of next week we will have been married for four years, knowing each other for six. Man dating sucked, and was way too dramatic.