Monday, November 7, 2011

October Catch Up

 October in review:

Big E and I at the USU vs BYU game. Lots of fun, USU lost - sad days. But a six hour date night: AMAZING!

Big E and The Man. making cookies so we could BOO our neighbors. I love The Mr.'s apron.

Took both boys to the Fire Station.

This was the best picture I could get. Thanks Christy and Heather for the invite, The Man still talks about it.

These kiddos make my days great, I am one lucky Momma

Total random sidenote, but I have been trying to switch some of my makeup for cheaper brands. Big fan of Sephoras line. I have only tried the cream eyeliner and the eyeshadow, but I love both. Cheaper and more in the container.

Big E's Birthday extravaganza week starts today. Should be a fun week. I sure love that boy, and he is so good to me.

Thanksgiving decor is up, and when I am not so lazy, I might post some pics.

Happy November!

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jacqueline Haines said...

Hi! I'm trying to locate Mike and Cathy Larsen of Alpine Utah. Are you related to them? They have several children including Kristen, Erin and Jon. I knew them when they lived in Pittsburgh.