Saturday, November 26, 2011


We had a lovely Thanksgiving, and have so much to be thankful for! In an "out-of-body" moment, I suggested that it might be fun to host Thanksgiving for Big E's family at our house. Um... last time I checked, I had never even baked a turkey before. The days leading up to it were incredibly stressful. But had I not been a complete idiot, and if I would have known it would have turned out so lovely, I wouldn't have stressed half as much. I didn't poison anyone with raw turkey, the gravy wasn't jello and I figured out a great seating arrangement. It really was great. Eric's brother's family, Brad and Lisa and there four kids came, along with Big E's parents and sister Christie and Arturo.
The whole day was calm and so nice. Everyone brought great food, helped get ready and helped cleaned up. It was fun having our house full of laughter and voices. My father-in-law took some lovely pictures, here we go!
Pretty dang beautiful table if I don't say so myself!

This is our "Thankful Tree" one of my very favorite things that we did this season.

The Sister-in-Laws

Our children LOVE their Uncle Arturo, and I am pretty positive he loves them back.

Love this beautiful girl, loved her from the moment I met her!

Check out those awesome rosy cheeks (and the little bumps, I have tried every brand of lotion. Any recommendations?)

Someone got somebody else hooked on Angry Birds.


Allison and Josh said...

AJ! You are so cute and domestic! I want to come to your Thanksgiving dinner :) It looks like it was a beautiful meal!

Christy & Brandon said...

I'm glad it turned out great! as for the bumps on his cheeks- I use a cloth made by Norwex for Kehl's and they have been disappearing!