Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I can't stop eating fruit snacks, I love them... every flavor and every shape. While growing up my Mom never bought crap like fruit snacks. I never knew what a Lunchable, Capri Sun, Squeeze It, or anything Little Debbie tasted like, our "sugar" cereal was Honeynut Cheerios. This was probably a good thing because well, I was fat. I used to feel like I missed a huge part of childhood, now I am grateful. I actually have tasted a Lunchable and honestly how much more disgusting can you get? I, like Momma J probably won't buy all the crap listed above. I have a hard time buying Potato Chips. But... oh my goodness, I LOVE me some fruit snacks!
I love The Blind Side. It was fantastic. Did I mention that it had Tim McGraw in it? He definitely belongs in the "Yummy, Fantastically Good-Looking Older Man Tom Sellick Club".
Wow, this was a random post, but the man is taking an afternoon nap and I am sick of browsing at the Utah Real Estate web site. It's funny, now that we have been looking more and more at houses, I have changed my requirements a bit. I swore I did not want to move to West or South Jordan, way too windy and far. But who knows now? This house stuff is stressful. I know it will all be worth it when The Mr. gets his own room back and Big E and I can have a conversation in bed not whispering into each others ear!
Oh and seriously, I can't believe Renae died! Just when Jack had some glimpse of happiness. I would be lying if I said that I didn't cry when the Dr. came out of the ER and told Jack.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Regime

So here is the new facial regime. I got it from the most best friend imaginable M, and she picked it up from acne.org. If you are interested in trying it out, for sure go to the website. Anyway, I first use Johnson and Johnson's Clean and Clear Daily Gentle Cleanser. I REALLY like this cleanser, it is non abrasive and not harsh at all. And it lathers, I love the lather. Second, I use Neutrogena's On-The-Spot Acne Treatment, on the website it says to use a lot. I felt like my skin wasn't that bad, so I think it just kinda depends on your skin. Then finally I use a moisturizer called Complex 15, M got it somewhere online for me, but it is the best I have ever used. It is not overly greasy, but the on-the-spot-treatment dries out your skin and this lotion made it so I didn't even peel at all. Part of the whole concept is not to irritate your skin at all, ya know patting dry instead of rubbing and that kind of thing. But anyway, check out the website, I really have noticed a huge difference, especially in the overall even-ness of my face. I credit M with saving a precious commodity, my face. Everyone needs a friend like M, she really is the greatest!
Have I ever mention how much I love Kristin Chenoweth. Really, I love her. I am re-reading her book and I think she is wonderful. Random, I know but true.
Big E was sick with the 24 hour stomach flu on Easter. Major bummer. I even made Easter Brunch and all. Oh well, at least he is better now.
We hung out with some friends from the old ward this weekend, it was so great to see them and laugh. I love these nights, even though they bring out massive inappropriateness. Speaking of old ward, Carrie, I totally can't believe you didn't tell me You were pregnant at Jenny's shower! Congrats my dear!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So I just got out of a fabulous bathtub/tweezing session. Yup, it's 2:27 pm and I took a long hot bath... and now I am in my sweats and Mack is still in the PJ's. Seriously my eyebrows look smashing. I thought about taking a pic, but I am way too lazy.

The Mr. finally took a few steps! Yea! A few as in like four or five, but hey it's progress. Yes the Man is 15 months old and no he doesn't walk yet, and no I am not concerned or worried at all. He is taking his sweet time and I am down with it. I do love the constant questions I get about if I am worried or not. Other then the walking he is finally sleeping a bit better. Now that is a Hallelujah moment!

I have decided that I either need to get way into blogging or not blog at all. I have no idea why I made this decision. And I hate to say it, but goodbye to Tasty Tuesdays and What's for Dinner Wednesdays. I just can't handle the commitment. Ridiculous huh? But alas, it is true. I will keep posting yummy recipes but not at any given time.

Remember when I solemnly swore that I would never drift away from ProActive? I did it again, to great results. Truth be told I had kinda had it with spending so much money, and my great friend M had tried a new regime and her skin looked fabu! So I dropped it like a brick, cold turkey. Now I use over the counter, buy in the grocery store products. It is the right combo and so much cheaper. The next sentence might be a little TMI, so read at your own risk people. So a couple of days after I switched products, I pushed my nose back and holy smokes white head erupting galore. Disgusting I know, but oh so satisfying.

Ah crapper, I totally jacked up the back again. This bums me out big time. It is slowly getting better though and of course I blame it on that cursed place, the gym. I was just really getting into the grove of exercising and I was all about the bike. What's better than burning calories, sitting on El Tushie and watching TV? Sitting and exercising, I am all about it. But that was to much bouncing pressure on that blasted disc and I am back to the boring old treadmill. I hate the gym... and sweat.

So Glee starts in 12 days, I am so excited. How I love thee, Mr Schue!