Thursday, September 25, 2008

DWTS Thoughts

What's wrong with me this year? I am not glued to me TV, hosting girl's night watching Dancing with the Stars! I don't know why, but I am not quite loving it this season. But I did DVR it and watch all three episodes while Eric was sawing logs next to me at night. Here are my thoughts:
1. Where is Tom Selleck? For the love, where is Tom?
2. Lance: Okay, he can move and he can dance, but a little too feminine for me. ( Yes, I know he is gay) I guess when you expect Tom Selleck and you get Lance Bass there is sure to be a little (to a lot) of dissappointment. I don't love Lacey his partner either, she doesn't scream ball room to me and I can't figure out why every outfit has to have chains on it. But they will do well in the competition.
3. Rocco: He is cute and he cooks. I kind of like him. I don't think he is the best dancer, but hey I like him. Karina is too tan!
4. Misty: I was shocked with her performance! I was totally expecting her to be a lot more masculine but she wasn't. I really like Misty (and I really want her legs), but I never have liked the bad boy of the ballroom Maksim. Isn't that kind of an oxymoron, bad boy of ballroom? Get over yourself, you are not that hot and you use more product in your hair than any man should.
5. Maurice: I Love Maurice, that's right world's fastest man. That man can move! Talk about rhythm! He is fun and energetic and I was very impressed! Cheryl you need a new hair cut, get rid of the shag that you have had forever. Heck, I don't care put in some extensions! Something, really anything different!
6. Toni: Okay, I am biased (Suzy don't kill me) but I don't like Toni. I saw her on Broadway in my all time favorite musical Aida and she butchered it. Really she killed it.
7. Cody: I love little boys and I love this one. He is a cutie and I am impressed with his ability to focus when that cute Julianne is around. I think that they will do pretty well, but I don't think they will take it all. Was I the only one that thought Julianne looked like Christina Agulaira (ya... I know I can't spell) Monday night?
8. Cloris: Hmm.. Good for you that you are in your 80's and dancing, but really before the show stay out of the bottle. She seems way too tipsy to not be sloshed! She doesn't dance well at all, but she is semi-entertaining. But her antics are wearing on me already. Corky, well your name says it all!
9. Brooke: Yup you can move and you are hot. I secretly habor ill feelings towards you because you stomach looks like that after giving birth six months ago. Derek, I never know how to feel about you. You remind my of the drama nerds in High School. I kinds expect you to end up on the Maury Show titled "Confronting Your Bullies: Look at Where I am Today".
10. Susan: I LOVE that Cary Ann told you to put on the ol' lbs. You need to. You are too fragile looking. Tony, why are you always paired with the older ladies.
11. Jeff: Glad you are gone even though I really liked your sense of humor. I am quite certain that a many a husbands will now stop watching the show because Edyta is gone.
12. Ted: I liked you, in fact I liked you a lot. I am way bummed you are gone. You had the whole gentleman thing down really well and that was attractive! Brooklyn girl, you kinda bugged.
13. Warren: You are amazing and I was way impressed with you being so light on your feet. I hope you stay a long time. Kim, I like you but it kinda looks like you had a botched plastic surgery job over the summer.
14. Kim: Well, you are totally sleazy. But I have to be honest, having a "booty" myself it is nice to be represented. Mark, you are a cutie and I am hoping that one day you don't turn into Corky!
15. Where is Tom?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guardsman's Pass and Acme

So last Monday Eric and I decided that we needed to take advantage of fall and go on a "Fall Drive". One of our favorite things to do together is to go on road trips, mini ones and not so mini ones. Don't ask me how this came to fruition, especially with my tendency to get motion sickness. But alas, we are drivers. So this is a picture of our drive up to Guardsman's Pass (the dirt road link between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Parley's Canyon), it was spectacular! We decided to drive through Midway and Heber instead of heading home through Park City. I think that this was for sure the best idea because the breathtaking scenery was after the PC exit.
In other news, we had a bunch of friends from the ward over last night to play games and do the chillin' thing. It was so much fun and thanks to all of you that came! We are trying to get to know other couples and it has been a lot of fun. Anyway, this was such a fun dynamic group and we can't wait to do it again. Special thanks and props go out to the hubby who cleaned all day in prep for said chillin' event. I attempted to help, but Eric really transformed into Mr. Clean (except that Eric has more hair)!
So the other night we are laying in bed and I stomp out of the bathroom frustrated at what pregnancy has done to my face. I am a loyal customer of Proactive, but really it hasn't been working through the pregnancy (see earlier posts about my "mountain range"). So anyway, I get into bed huffing and puffing waiting for Eric to ask me what is wrong. Wisely he picks up on this and asks. This is how our conversation went:
Eric: What's wrong Babe?
Me: (huffs and puffs) My face is breaking out AGAIN!
Eric: Oh stop I can't see anything.
Me: This....this huge cluster of zits! (Moving my bangs to display the cluster)
Eric: Oh honey, that is nothing! It doesn't even look like "Acme".
Then it occurred to me. Eric has had such perfect skin his whole life, so he doesn't even know that it is acne, not acme! I hope Mack gets his papa's skin!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday MJ (Momma J)!

Okay, I love my Momma! Any of you who know me, know that MJ and I are tight. Anyway, it is her birthday today and I wanted to wish her a Happy Happy! There is something so special about my mom, and I have always known that. She is compassionate, cheerful, dang funny, and such a support to both Eric and I! She will be the best Grandma to Mack and I so much appreciate how great she has been during those lovely "pregnant moments" when I have not quite been myself. Anyway Happy Birthday Mom, you are the best mom and the dearest friend anyone could ask for!

Whoops, I think I just let Baby's name slip! That's right we are naming him Merrick (Eric is still thinking of a middle name) Larsen, and calling him Mack for short. This is after Grandpa Blake who we both love and admire!

Monday, September 15, 2008

So... I Have Been Slackin'

So I don't know what has been wrong with me, I have been in a blog blah. I am not sure how this could happen, I am kinda a blog stalker. Well not really, but I love reading other people's blogs and then I am totally disappointed and I think, "What slackers!" when they don't blog for weeks. I am taking advantage of this time to catch up while Eric is obsessively watching the Cowboys Monday Night Football, watching Tony Romo (dating Jessica Simpson, for those of you that are not sports minded) rack up points so he can win this week's edition of Fantasy Football - *Note from Eric: I'm NOT cheering for the Cowboys. I want the Eagles, I just needed Romo to get some points and he's done that, so here's to hoping the Eagles finish this final drive for the win! Now back to Annie.

Not too much is going on with the Larsen fam. I will get the whole profile belly picture up on the blog, due to requests. But honestly from the side, my bum looks just as pregnant as my tummy so I am a little weary of publishing said photo. Things are going really well with the pregnancy, a few complications but really what woman doesn't have them? We have decided on the name..... but no unveil yet!

If you haven't seen the SNL skit with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, you must! Hysterical! Eric and I could not stop laughing and Tina Fey looks EXACTLY like Sarah Palin. Way too funny!

Eric is supposed to go to Houston next week for a convention, but with Hurricane Ike it is looking doubtful. I am kinda, okay really excited that he might not have to go. I hate sleeping alone at the condo. In preparation for him leaving, I took Dateline off my TIVO list and have tried to cut WAY down on the crime-thriller-give-me-nightmare-books that I read. Here is the funny thing about me being scared at night though. Any of you who know Eric well, knows that he sleeps like the dead. But he is always super sweet and tells me that if I have a nightmare to wake him up. So occasionally I do, okay maybe more than occasionally. But anyway, I then send him on a sweep of the condo, including all closets and pantries to check for anything suspicious. We were talking about this a couple of weeks ago, when I apologized for making him get up in the middle of the night. He didn't even remember. In fact I am not sure he is even awake. I then realized that the midnight sweeps don't do anything more then calm my mind. I am not too sure that if an intruder was sitting at the dining room table eating Lucky Charms if he would even notice. So, my rational side decided that I should stop being pathetic and let him sleep. But the emotional side of me had him do it two nights later. What a good hubby I have!

I LOVE candy corn! Really I look forward to fall for many reasons, but one of the most important is good ol' waxy candy corn. Just this year I have discovered that they have totally revolutionized candy corn. Are you aware that you can buy Hershey Kiss candy corn? I also have tried Candy Apple candy corn, oh my waxy goodness!
By the Way... the bangs have grown back and are looking okay!