Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am a Lucky Mom

It's true, I totally lucked out with the Mr.. The other day I was sitting in a chair and Mack brought me all of his bottles one by one. Interesting, but I didn't think anything of it. Later that night, wouldn't take a bottle. Ever more interesting. Nap next day.. No bottle. Yup the kid rocks, weened himself off of the bottle. I don't know why I feel strangely liberated. I kinda have "Free Momma" moments, this was one. First one was when I was done nursing. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed nursing. Eleven months was a long time though. Second one was when we moved our bed out of the Mr.'s room. A whole nights worth of uninterrupted sleep was bodacious. Lastly, the bottle. Diapers here we come! I know this is a sappy parent post, but hey it is my blog right?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, Busy

Wow the Larsen clan has been so busy. On Friday night we had a delightful BBQ with some friends in the backyard. Might I just say, that I had one of the best smores in my life. White chocolate (which I don't like) with coconut in it (which I also don't like.) Seriously amazing. It was so much fun but I was a little frazzled. What's new right? I got some frustrating news about a project I had been working on, I was working on multiple projects for Father's Day, Big E's work Lagoon Day was on Saturday, and the horror of all horrors.... my underwire snapped. Yup, right in half. It hurt. I didn't have a replacement, that meant big roomy baggy sweatshirts and much slouching. Oh well.
Lagoon was a blast. The Mr. did so well and pretty much owned the "Bulgy the Whale" ride. He thought he was pretty much the schiz-niz, which he was. Did you know the Lagoon makes pregnant women buy a full priced ticket now? How cheap is that? You can't even go on the rides and have to pay 44 buckaroos? Nope, not prego just tried to get tickets for the sister-in-law. Cheap, like stealing ketchup and jelly packets from restaurants cheap.
Father's Day was great. I actually woke up early with Big E and made him breakfast. The Mr. and I made him a shirt with his hand prints on it, a huge candy jar for work, and a calendar with pictures of him and Daddy. It was a great day, I have an amazing father and I was lucky enough to marry one of the best Dad's ever. Big E rocks. Well, enough ranting for now :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

The Birthday in Jackson Hole was pretty much perfect. We had such a great time and Big E planned things out so well. It was a great relaxing trip, full of well relaxation. We took naps during the day, went to see Robin Hood, shopped, hiked and ate... a lot. Big E is quite the man and I love how he indulges my childlike behavior when it comes to birthdays. We did miss the Mr. though.
In fact the day we got back we had quite the scare. I swear that kid has so many guardian angels. Even at his delivery I am pretty sure he had extra help, but I digress. So all of the older kids are outside in my parents yard and Eric can't find the Man. He ran outside and sure enough he was in the MIDDLE of the pond walking across it. How in the world? I am not sure how he did not slip on the rocks, and keep in mind that the pond is two feet deep. We counted ourselves very lucky that day. And the worst part? He sobbed and was so angry that he had to get out. The kid is a maniac with no fear.
Here are a few random pictures from the trip and then from the "boys" what cute nephews I have! Obviously I am not the best at posting pictures in order. Don't you love the Mr.'s "Rocky" look?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Best Decision, At Least Lately

So when we moved into Casa Jones we knew we would definetly have to make sacrifices. Probably the biggest one was sleeping in the same room with the man. MISERY. Really I am not over-exagerating one bit. So months and months went on with me getting about two to three hours of sleep a night. To make MISERY even more miserable, when the man would wake up and "cry it out" I was two feet away. The couches became our new beds. We were in bed pretending to sleep about a month ago, and Mack starts to laugh. Hysterically. Belly laughs. This was super cute and made me smile. However, I was not smiling at 2:54, 3:19, 4:30... well you get the idea. That was the last night sharing a room. Our bed is now out in the "front room" and it is a thing of beauty. Mack transitioned so well. He doesn't wake up in the night at all anymore and has extended sleeping hours fro 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning and then takes a two hour nap. Brilliant!
I am sleeping better then ever. Mr. L and I can finally talk in bed and make noises. This is great. We are giddy now to go to bed. Like I said, best decision.
We are off to Jackson Hole this week for my Birthday Extravaganza Week! I can't wait! Hopefully I will be with it and actually blog about it!